Anthony Pettis Not Sitting Back & Waiting For Shot

anthony-pettisAs he sat quietly watching Jose Aldo defeating Frankie Edgar in his sixth defense against his title in the Featherweight UFC division.  Anthony Pettis knew what he had to do.  So, he took out his phone and texted Dana White President of the UFC and told him that he wanted Jose Aldo and he would even drop to Featherweight to do it!  Pettis is currently in line to fight the winner between Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez but they don’t fight until late April.  So, if Pettis has to take on two title fights in a row he is up for the opportunity. 

Pettis is no stranger to fighting numerous fights per year hence his nickname “Showtime”.  However, in a recent interview Pettis said, “I’m just tired of getting passed up. Who knows what happens in the lightweight fight. Who knows what injuries are going to occur and how long that’s going to take.“  Pettis has always feared how much a single injury can take away and knows that at any point this can all be taken away.  So, that is why he called out Aldo, knowing that fighting sooner is always better then fighting later.

In 2012 Pettis who has always been used to fighting often found himself only fighting once.  That situation has lit a fire in Anthony Pettis to get shit done and not sit on his ass while everything is happening around him.  Instead of sitting back waiting for things to play out Pettis is taking his future by both hands and demanding he become known as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

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