UFC 124 Analysis – Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

After this past season of The Ultimate Fighter, and perhaps even before the show, Georges St. Pierre Vs. Josh Koschek at UFC 124 has that same kind of feel to it as the rivalries we grew up with: Superman Vs. Lex Luthor, Batman Vs. The Joker, He-man Vs. Skeletor, The Smurfs Vs. Gargamel.  It is a classic case of good vs. evil, or hero vs. villain.  Either way you cut it, we have two opposing forces clashing in the Octagon this month. Will the typical storyline play out, or does Koschek wear a kryptonite cup?

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St. Pierre left, Koscheck right

Stand Up

The advantage here is nearly a moot point, as neither will likely want to stand and fight too long. However, it is one of the major fight phases and must be addressed, just in case. If anyone wants to stand in this fight, it is GSP.  Although St. Pierre is the best wrestler in the UFC, he has exceptional stand up striking skills as well. He does have the ability to keep the fight standing and will do so if he can’t get the fight [...]

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